You are cordially invited to the Multiethnic English Ministries Conference on 6 June 2015 at 8:00 a.m.

at Rietvallei Gereformeerde Kerk, 359 Umgeni Street, Erasmuskloof Ext 4, Pretoria.
GPS coordinates: 25°49’13″S and 28°15’69″E

8:00 – Registration,Coffee, meet and greet
8:30 – Welcome
8:45 – The Future of Reformed and English Church Planting in a Changing South Africa – Dr. Arthur Miskin
9:30 – Tea
10:00 – Planting English-medium Churches: Confessional or Missional? Or Both? – Dr. Simon Jooste
10:45 – Break
11:00 – Mini Church Presentations
12:30 – Lunch
13:30 – Workshops
14:30 – Tea
14:45 – Discussion Panel, Questions & Answers
16:00 – Close

INVITATIONS: Please pass this invitation to others and announce this invitation to your congregation.

REGISTRATION: There is no cost to attend the conference however there will be a collection held to cover the costs (of R100 per delegate). Please register before 22 May advising your name, contact details, church name and location.

ACCOMODATION: If accommodations are required before and/or after the conference please advise by 22 May and indicate dates.

MINISTRY TABLES/DISPLAY: If you would like a table or display of your ministry, please advise by 22 May and indicate ministry name.

MINI PRESENTATION: For those who are Church Plant Leaders and would like to share information about their Ministries during 6 June please register and send your template by 5 May.

CONTACTS: Jane Korevaar Telephone – 073 608 6529 or Guy Stubbs at


The Future of Reformed and English church planting in a changing South Africa – Dr. Arthur Miskin What is the overriding purpose of English Reformed church planting in South Africa? There may indeed be some misconceptions in this regard, as well as old patterns of thinking, prejudices and resistance to change that need to be addressed. The time has come for a paradigm shift in terms of thinking and planning with regard to future church planting efforts.This address seeks to explore some of the mistaken thinking of the past and what we need to be doing in planning a way forward as well as some of the ways of going about it.

Planting English-medium churches: Confessional or missional? Or both? – Dr. Simon Jooste The witness to the confessional (i.e. Three Forms of Unity) Reformed tradition in South Africa has historically been in the Afrikaans medium. This fact coupled with the decline in orthodoxy among mainline and sideline Presbyterian and Anglican communions makes the need for English-medium Reformed churches all the more pressing. But how does the RCSA navigate the challenges of meeting this need in the relatively unknown territory of multi-cultural ministry in South Africa’s new political dispensation? Does a more expansive evangelistic vision necessitate new (or revisions of old) doctrines and practices? Is it time to move on from at least some of our historic confessional distinctives and embrace insights from the likes of the more progressively-minded “missional” movement? In my presentation, I contend that because of the Word-based and countercultural nature of Christ’s kingdom, English-speaking church-planting in the RCSA need not look beyond a critical retrieval and translation of the best it already possesses in its creedal heritage. In turn, I argue that to be confessional Reformed in doctrine and practice necessarily implies that we be zealously Great Commision(al). To plant confessional Reformed churches in Afrikaans or English means subjecting all things old and new – confessions, church orders, traditions and church growth methods – to the supreme arbitration of the Word of Christ. Semper Reformanda!


Dr. Arthur Miskin is a lecturer of theological education at Mukhanyo Theological College in KwaMhlanga, where his main area of instruction is Practical Theology and Hermeneutics. He is also the pastor of the Reformed Church Tshwane, located in Pretoria. This congregation started as an English church plant within the mainly Afrikaans medium Gereformeerde Kerke van Suid-Afrika and is affiliated with the Gereformeerde Kerk Rietvallei [Reformed Church, Rietvallei] in Pretoria. Together with his wife, Sonja, who also is a medical doctor, he is involved in mercy ministry to terminally ill HIV/AIDS patients in the KwaMhlanga, situated in KwaNdebele – Nakekela Christian Care Centre.

Dr. Simon Jooste pastors the Reformed Church South Suburbs at 2nd Scout Hall, 6 Lea Road, Rondebosch, a [English-speaking church plant and] ward of the [RC] Belville. [The plant begun as a Bible study from Simon’s home in April 2012.] Simon is a native of Cape Town. He has been married to Deana for ten plus years and has two boys, Andrew (8) and Adam (4). Simon lived abroad in the United States for 15 years. He returned with his family to SA in August, 2010. While living overseas Simon received his seminary education from Westminster Seminary, CA, and practiced for a number of years as the equivalent of a chartered accountant. Simon also has a PHD in historical theology from Stellenbosch University.