About Us

A brief history

The English Worship Service of the Rietvallei Reformed Church began officially in June 2005 with only a very small group of worshipers. Traditionally, the Reformed preaching of God’s Word in South Africa has been confined to the predominantly Afrikaans language churches. It became clear to us, however, that there was an urgent need to deliver the Reformed teaching and preaching of God’s Word in the English language if it was ever going to become accessible to more people in the multi-cultural country that we live in. With a great deal of foresight and faith, the Afrikaans language church, die Gereformeerde Kerk Rietvallei, made a commitment to support the planting of a new English language Reformed church. So began the English medium Rietvallei Reformed Church.

Since June 2005 the Rietvallei Reformed Church has steadily grown in numbers, although we are still a relatively small church when compared to some larger Afrikaans medium Reformed churches. We soon discovered that starting a new church plant was not easy, and contained a set of challenges and difficulties all of its own! But by the grace of our Almighty God we persevered, and our church is now made up of a core group of regular and faithful worshipers.

Our congregation is multi-cultural and multi-ethnic in nature. We believe that by offering the Reformed Word in the English language, the Word becomes more openly accessible to more people of various different cultural groups, regardless of whether English is their first or second language.